MacOS X Compatable Scanners?


I have the AGFA SnapScan Touch... lower-end but very serviceable, that I bought in 1999 or early 2000. It works fine under X 10.1, and I have a relatively underpowered Lombard 333.

AGFA recently released the scanner software Scanwise for X, and it works well. If I recall, the scanner cost about 130 bucks new.

One great thing under X is that scanning to different apps, rather than files, seems smoother, and the fact that I can print to or save to pdf right out of my Epson print dialog, or just by using Preview, is phenomenal ( I like to send a lot of my docs out as pdfs).

I was pleasantly surprised to get a tight scanning "solution" out of my AGFA so soon into the X era. ;-)

best of luck!:)


Any Agfa Snap Scan (USB) will work. Agfa just got their latest SW for OS X out. Works great. The scanners are okay and real cheap.


Yeah, thanks to Agfa. They're one of the first to release OS X drivers... it's so said. I read the other day that they're exiting the scanner business =(.

Why's this have to happen to someone who actually makes drivers?

-Joe Crow


Anything else?

If agfa is bowing out, I need somethin else.

No Umax support anywhere?? There's gotta be SOMETHING. Thats quite a big hole if theres no MacOS X scanner market.

Anon Coward

I have an Epson Perfection 1250. It's software is Classic-enabled (not native) but it works great. Installed it in Classic. When I turn the computer on (booting into OSX), the computer notes that a scanner is attached and readies it. Whenever I need to scan, I just press the button on the front and the software (from Classic) runs.

Works great!

I haven't gone to their website lately to see if they have OSX-native software out there (or pending). But so far, I don't really mind.

don't know if i would necessarily say Agfa's drivers for X are great... ever since installing them, i get kernel panics on startup of classic. NOT GOOD!