MacOS X feels like it's running slower...


PowerBook G4 400MHz
512MB RAM (Virtual Memory Off)
Airport Installed

Software OS MacOS 10.0.3

Running apps in MacOS X feels like there are running slower than apps running in MacOS 9. When I boot up in MacOS 9.1, the OS and apps run very fast, taking next to no time to launch. In MacOS X, boot time is slower, apps take longer to launch, MacOS 9.1 Classic environment takes ages to load.

In my opinion, Apple needs to make MacOS X run faster. It's alright having "the most advanced operating system in the world", but if it's going to take ages to do something, then forget it, I rather go back to MacOS 9.1, or even macOS 8.6!
Speed is often the reason people are reluctant to switch to X. I can't say I completely disagree, but do please understand the following...

Mac OS X itself is quite fast, however it does a lot of demanding things with window drawing, and it has a lack of hardware support at several levels. I have just found that my wallstreet class powerbook runs WAY faster if my display depth is set to thousands instead of my typical millions. In 9 I noticed little if any difference, but it would seem that although OS X allows me to display on this hardware in millions of colors, it's not very good at it.

Your speed concern is a valid one, but it may be a very limited set of circumstances that cause this to manifest itself. I have this laptop and my dual 450 G4 running OS X - and it's not at all the same experience. On my laptop I can sympathize with you. But once I move over to my 2 screens, 2 processors, 3 hard drives, ripped, torqued, and tweaked desktop ensemble - I scoff aloud at your speed whining. OS X rocks.

If you want it to go faster, wait for better support of your specific hardware, get differenet hardware, change your settings, or get more RAM. I don't have good advice specifically for you, as a G4 Laptop would seem to be adequate - your mileage may vary, mine sure does. :)
I always think classic is more securitive and more user-friendly and fast.

I think since Apple have master the Preemptive multi-tast tech and Memory protected tech, She should add the techs into classic. If classic has Preemptive core, even it doesn't have mem protected, its performace is much much better than os x. I don't think the kernel of UNIX means STABLE.

I am a new Mac User. Because I don't know that Mac has application compatibility problem and I try to install many other old software, it crashed more than 5 time every day. But now I found only Realplayer and IE can crash my computer. I now don't install realplayer. Netscape 4.77 is much better than IE now although it doesn't fully support Javascript.

Upgrade the core of classic to preemtive and mem protected, all these problem can easily be solved.

go to, you will found that it is Apple don't want to upgrade classic because she wants us to buy the Slower OS X and force the software developer to move it to OS X.

I think this step is wrong. Now we can see that Apple doesn't release any upgrade of classic OS.
Ok first of all unrealated, powermac user, where aer you from ?
I noticed you are speaking (or rather writing) english english :p
(as opposed to american english :p)
(The collective nouns gave it away lol... )

Anyway, I think that apple is going to release some improvements to OS 9
due to the fact that not everyone is running OS X capable systems, thus
they at least need maintanence updates for pro OS X systems.

As for OS X, yes, the speed of OS X doesn't compare to the speed of OS 9.
This, along with CD-R (toast), DVD playback, no greek support, and classic
load up is as slow as dirt. Classic seems to take "a long time" to load because
your main system (OS X) has already loaded and you are sitting infront of
your mac waiting for classic to load. In essence you are loading two OSs at one
time. For me it's all a perception issue because I keep thinking "come on! come on!
move it! Get loaded already!" for you it might really be a problem :)

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