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Ok I downloaded Macromedia MX 2004 of a p2p just to test it, the obviously im going to buy the real thing after. Anyway it came as some strange files can anybody help me out??

I attached a screengrab.....if anyone noes were to get a good version just email me jason[at] =)

thx! :p :p


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Gotta agree with Kester here -- not getting into a long-winded discussion about piracy here, but "I'm gonna buy it later" doesn't make obtaining it illegally any less wrong.

Macromedia does offer trial versions which are just as good as the real thing -- except you can't use them for commercial purposes, which is logical. 30 days is plenty of time to save up for the real thing and will allow you more than a sampling of the applications included in the Studio MX suite.
first off, you do know that is mac software that you have on Win XP? Second, what are the weird files there, they all are normal looking to me? third, you can get a free trial version from the macromedia website, it is a little hard to find with the announcement of Studio 8 but go to the main download page and it will be there.
erm...ok. But i want the free version :) What do you mean there all normal? It has the extension of rsrc and it wont open on a MAC so hows that normal??

Also the "dreamweaver installer" has no extension at all!
i just ordered my mac not to long ago so how comes this software doesnt work?? Ive taken it out of the .sit file and my mac asks how do I open it (the rsrc file) mmmm :S
arkanoid said:
erm...ok. But i want the free version :) What do you mean there all normal? It has the extension of rsrc and it wont open on a MAC so hows that normal??

Also the "dreamweaver installer" has no extension at all!
The only legal free version is the 30 day trail version that you can download from the Macromedia web site. There are no others.

The file with the .rsrc extension is in essence a compressed data file used by the Dreamweaver installer application which can open the file, expand the encapsulated files and install them in the proper location on your computer. This is normal because it is part and parcel of the Dreamweaver install and has no meaning or value in any other context.

The Dreamweaver installer does not have an extension because it has associated Type and Creator codes that identify it to the Mac OS as an executable program. The Type and Creator codes are far more powerful and flexible than the crude three character extensions used in Windows and Unix.

Before you ask the .DS_store file is normally invisible on the Mac and if this were in a .dmg file would control how the OS X Finder displays the contents of the image. Every time you change something in Finder's View menu a .DS_Store file is created, or modified, in the currently selected folder.
There is no "free" version of Macromedia Studio MX. It is a powerful suite of applications that took many, many hours to program and is priced accordingly.

Unstuff the files on your Mac, not on your Windows XP machine.

Plus, you did get it from a p2p network, so there's no guarantee that you got legitimate files, and this forum doesn't provide much help with software obtained illegally through p2p networks.
Hey im against piracy as well BUT if they didnt charge like £100 then I would buy it... £50 yes I would. So there yo go, but the "installer" still doesnt like to work for somereason... it just doesnt open on my MAC. =(
People are always complaining about spending money on software, yet they turn around and use it to earn their living. This is silly.

If you are a casual user, the 30 day trial should be plenty to play with the software. And if you truly like it, and use it, or earn money by using it... pay for it.

As far as your copy, go download it from Macromedia so you know you are getting a working copy.
lol you say that - but i bet some of your softwares pirated or you steal it from work... OR your earning good money so you can afford it!
Nope. If I cant afford it, I find an alternative that is cheaper, use an old version I own or buy used or just do without.

And if I make money on a job, I put some of that money towards the more expensive programs that will help me make money later.

It sucks when I make X dollars on a job and have to spend every bit of it on software or hardware, but that's how business works. Gotta spend money to make money.
One thing at a time, save up and buy Dreamweaver 8. There will be an educational version for a fraction of the pro price. Can't argue with €137 (Irish prices) for Dreamweaver MX. By the time you figure it all out you will have saved up enough for an educational version of flash. I agree with you, software is expensive but Macromedia are practically giving it away at that price.

btw I've noticed that out of all the daily arguments and banter on this site, software piracy is one of the few things that pisses everyone off. I'm not a developer but I'm sure that there are one or two that contribute to this forum. These guys have to make a living. Don't steal from them.
I think that if you are looking for advice on illegal software you should find it elsewhere. From what i gather the users of hold very strong views against pirate software.
I am a second year graphic design student and use £1000's of pounds worth of software at uni that i can't afford to have at home, i also agree that in some cases it is way overpriced but i only use fully licensed goods.
Please take your questions elsewhere.