Mail 2.0 - Multiple Accounts


How do I create multiple email accounts in Mail 2.0? I ahve 3 different emails acounts each with their own POP server, and want to keep all 3 active...

Any ideas?

a switcher from Windows/Outlook

In, go to Mail > Preferences, click on the Accounts button, and then click on the + button to add another account, and fill in details.
That worked great...

One more quick question, I created a Smart Mailbox, and a "copy" of my email is stored in the smart folder I created... However it is both in my "inbox" and my "smart folder"... I relly only want to "move" the email to my Smart Folder - so I keep them in that folder...

I'v tried a few times, but keep deleting everything...

Thanks for suggestions...

That goes against the "smart folder" mentality: they're not meant to hold the only copies of items -- they're more like a "saved find" folder, where you don't have to type in the search criteria every time.

If you'd like a folder to permanently hold the only copies of certain emails, simply make a regular mail folder, then set up rules that move emails to the appropriate folder.