- messages disappear after download


Before I finally go to iCloud, I have started using Apple's for my mail.

I have set up Mail for all my e-mail accounts (POP & IMAP) and I'm running it alongside Eudora. All the POP accounts download to both Eudora and Mail, and stay there. But my accounts on IMAP appear in Mail for a while, but disappear as soon as Eudora loads them. They stay on Eudora as they always have done.

I have tried setting Eudora to keep things on the server. Mail has always had the option set to keep mail for looking offline, but it is still wiping the IMAP stuff after it's appeared on my screen, once Eudora loads it.

I have now deleted all the IMAP accounts from Eudora and the mail stays on Mail. But I'm worried that some time in the future, I might need to use an old laptop with an old QSX and Eudora in start up and delete all my e-mails again by mistake.

Is this a bug in Mail/IMAP. Should I use something else like Postbox


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Sounds like a bug in the Eudora settings if the disappear after you use Eurdora do get the same measssage if iCloud's IMAP.

Instead of Eurora (i know of everybody's excessive love of it) try Sparrow to see if you like it.

Lastly go into Mail's Preferences, Accounts tab and see how all the mini-tabs are setup. See if changing one might help.


I think you may be right. The account setting in Mail seen OK. All set up to keep things on the server and to allow offline viewing.

When I set Eudora to keep messages on the server, I kept getting two copies of everything in my inbox.

I've noticed Sparrow. It might be good for me. I'll look at it more closely. I've also considered Postbox.