Mail app

Michael Nobbs

The spinning wheel disappeared. For no reason. It used to show opposite my inbox, in the left hand box with all my Emails and Folders, to indicate the program was working and searching for new Mail. I found it comforting! How do I get it back? Thank you. Michael.
In your Mail application go to the Mail's menu item 'Win dow' and in the drop-down select 'Connection Doctor'. Make sure it gets all green dots on communication with your email servers. To see the connections to the server in detail click on the 'show detail' button and then click 'Check Again'. This is a great tool to see if your connecting good to your email servers in detail. It will help you trace down email server problems.

To rebuild your whole Mail boxes database take a look at the forum [HOWTO] a possible Fix for slow Mail. It might help.

Lastly at the bottom of Mail, on the left side, click on the small up arrow button to get back the spinning wheel . It will show connecting times to email servers with that 'spinning wheel'.