Mail app


Have you found that the Mail app has become almost unusable? It use to have a button on the top to load the content. That button is gone. It displays the message for a while and then it decides to change the format AFTER a long timeout. I think it is trying to fetch something via the Private Relay which doesn't work for me plus I have it turned off.

Another misfeature is often a message is displayed in "conversation mode" even though I have conversation mode unselected. To "fix it" I have to select conversation mode, then unselect it, then Mail behaves like I want it to.
When Mail misbehaves, I quit it, let it rest 2 minutes, then launch it. If that does not do the trick, I restart the computer. Now we shouldn't need to do this (I have a game that once I get an update, I need to restart the computer) but you do what you have to do to continue to work.
The answer is hard if don't say the Mac OS you're on and what email server ks going you this rouble? Is it IMAP or POP email sever?