Mail boxes and Emails Import to Windows Outlook 2007

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I have switched back to windows pc for reasons, its cheaper and everybody in the office has windows. Earlier I used to use mac book pro with apple mail to send and receive emails. Now in windows pc I use outlook 2007 as my email client. There are a lot of emails in my apple mail that I need to move to outlook 2007. I have tried every possible way to transfer these emails but there has been no solutions till now.

All I know is apple mail supports .mbox file format and outlook supports .pst. So how do I convert these .mbox files to .pst so that these emails can be imported into outlook 2007.

Thank you for your support.
cradom's link is not what Andy485 was asking for.
Seems he is asking for transferring from Mail to Outlook 2007 (which would be from OS X to Windows)

Your link shows various methods to go from Mac's Mail to Outlook 2011 for Mac. Very different tips to do that, as you don't want .pst files, but .olm for Mac's Outlook.

Transfer from Apple's Mail to Outlook 2007?
You'll need an app for that.
Emailchemy will work the best, I think...
A quick and easy way to do this is with a GMail IMAP account. Just setup the GMail account on the Mac and in Outlook on Windows. Then in Mail (Mac) drag the messages from your account to the GMail IMAP folders (make as many as you need). Now in Outlook drag the messages from the GMail IMAP account into the Outlook folders you want.

Another way is to go fro third party applications.
The one I know is : Apple Mail to PST Convert – Convert Apple Mail Emails to Windows Outlook PST

Choose the way you want to opt.
Thank you
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