Mail Is Acting Quirky After Installing El Capitan, Messages Become Invisible


I upgraded to El Capitan from Mt. Lion after a bad experience with Yosemite (my machine ran super slow) and I time machined back to Mt. Lion. El Capitan runs fine except for an odd thing with mail.
It all seems fine except after a short time and I've looked at my messages the list is still there but when I open the message all I see is the header and subject, no body to the message. If I click on each separate message it opens in a full new window, but still no text. I have to close mail and reopen it and then I see the text until it disappears again after a while, not set time that I can see.
What can I do to stop this annoying activity?
My machine is a MacBook Air, 13", late 2010, 1.86 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 2 GB 1067 MHz DDR3, NVIDIA GeForce 320M 256MB.

Additional note: Somehow last night I was able to get Apple Support by phone without charging me for it. The woman was very helpful. I was told to force quit mail, then reopen it holding down the option and command keys. Since then it has been acting normally. If I experience this kind of problem again I'll repeat that action even though it would be indicative of a deeper problem that wasn't permanently resolved.
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You " upgraded" and that's the problem! Run the free application EtreCheck. It's an little System Profiler that will list all the files you have and show you the older files and the path to manually delete those files. Then after all the manually deleting REBOOT so OS X rebuild those files with modern files.