Mail Problems


Hi All,

After a power outage yesterday, I'm suddenly having problems with Mail (the app):

1) One of my mailboxes (I have 3) disappeared. I recreated it but of course my old messages are now gone.

2) When I click "reply" to a message, nothing happens (no window opens -- I'm sure) BUT when I quit Mail, then restart it, those reply message windows are suddenly there on launch!

3) Trouble sending messages, even though I've got the proper outgoing mail server settings.

My question is: assuming I need to reinstall Mail -- is there a way to do that without reinstalling the entire OSX (10.3.7)?

Thanks in advance.


devil's plaything
First try deleting from Users/Library/Preferences.

If that doesn't help I think you might be able to fix things up by re-installing the last update.


U.S.D.A. Prime
If your system was abnormally shut down by a power outage, it would be a good idea to boot from the OS X Install CD and repair the disk with Disk Utility (or DiskWarrior, or Drive10, or whatever disk repair you fancy short of Norton's).

If there are errors found, keep running it over and over until no errors are reported (check with the vendor of your drive repair software to see if there are any errors that are safe to ignore, otherwise you'll be running them over and over! I did that once or twice...).

UNIX is picky about shutting down -- it does a lot of "cleaning up" and what-not, and sometimes, if it's not shut down properly, it chokes. It might also help to verify that "Journaling" is turned on for your boot drive -- journaling can fix the drive automatically sometimes in situations like this...


All -- thanks for the tips.

Andychrist -- I removed the pref file, and interestingly, was left with the two mailboxes I had left (of the 3) after the crash, but not the one I recreated after the crash.

When I put that pref file back, the recreated mailbox reappeared. So it would seem that there's some difference between one mailbox and the other two, since only one was "removed" when I removed the pref file, and it "came back" when I put the pref file back.