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With one of the recent updates, the search and replace while composing changed to a more "shiny" GUI interface. The old version could be 100% driven by the keyboard. I can't find a way to do that with the new version. To phrase that more directly:

How can I do search and replace within while composing a new email without using the mouse?

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Open System Preferences->Keyboard, Application Shortcuts, + sign and add you own shortcuts to Mail and customize what you want.

Also look at the excellent shareware TextExpander. I love this program and can even create "snippets" (short letter shortcuts) in any text input in any program, even online posts in threads!
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I need to make my questions more clear... I already knew about that but I don't think it will work on this occasion. The dialog box says:

"Enter the exact name of the menu command you want to add" -- the checkbox for Replace doesn't have a menu command. The "All" and "Replace" buttons that come up after you check the checkbox do not either.

At least... I can't find them.

Tabbing does not go to those controls for me. I might can set some option where tabs go to all controls but that (I think) affects all the commands which becomes painful.


That just dings the bell for me.

Another person suggested I toggle System Preferences -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts from "Text Boxes ..." to "All controls". This sorta solves my problem but I'm worried that I'm not going to like the effect it has on other applications. Also, the "Replace/All" is one button that you tab to and then select which button with the arrow keys and then hit space. It would be nicer if it just tabbed from button to button.

I'll try the system with it set this way ans see if I like it.

When is someone going to invent a mouse that follows your eyes? :)

Thanks for everyone's replies.