Make trackpad behave like in Mac


I installed Windows XP via Bootcamp on my MacBook. Everything is good except that the trackpad in win doesn't behave like in Mac. I checked in control panel for any settings but didn't find any. I want the trackpad to have the same gestures like in Mac. Is there any driver of software for that thing ??
I have a mid 2007 Plastic MacBook running Snow Leopard.


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The only way you're going to get that is if one of two things happens:

1) Apple writes Windows drivers to support multi-touch gestures when booted into Windows on a Mac computer (unlikely).
2) You install "hacked" drivers that are not supported by either Microsoft or Apple (do at your own risk).

With that being said, here is a "hacked" driver that purportedly enables some level of multi-touch gestures in Windows: