Malware/virus? Please Can Someone Help


I have been having problems with my Mac for over a year now. I thought Ii had fixed this issue... for all that my limited computer knowledge would let me anyway, but it is back and seemingly different and worse this time. I first found logs with all of my personal details late last year after I had noticed that iTunes seemed to reopening at start up when it wasn't supposed to, i had lost permissions to look at some files, and then one night while I was sitting at my computer I heard the click of it taking a photo and knew I hadn't done it. I have had to have my bank card re issued 3 times this year as someone (apparently the bank can't trace this..) was continually trying to take small amounts of money from my bank account. We have presumed they gained my account numbers from my computer. I have factory reset my computer 4 times, Apple have talked me through this but have never given me a reason why or even what is going on, instead usually challenging me by asking me what I am reading in my logs that makes me think there is a problem, and denying any possibility of there being malware or a virus on my computer. One instance it took 2 full days for my computer to go through the reset process. And now I seem to have more problems, I have lost many permissions again, many of my logs are empty, it jumps between screens ( Safari - Finder etc) by itself, I installed Dr Safety and Dr Cleaner from the app store which both picked up a malware program on the first run but haven't again since, I also installed Anti-Virus Plus Security which is provided by Telstra my service provider which did the same thing. I can no longer take screenshots nor use the Spotlight search. I will attach here the console log i saved from this morning, I had turned the wifi off at approx 3am, and and at 5.23am I covered the camera with a sticker..... As I stated I really don't know what I am reading in these logs and hopefully I am being paranoid or something!?! Please can someone help me work this out or let me know how I can fix it. Thank you in advance :)


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I will try a few ideas.
First - the camera (that camera lens that faces you) will only take a picture when it has power.
You will see the power light (most have a tiny green LED immediately beside the camera lens.
The camera cannot take a picture unless that power LED is also illuminated. It's part of the hardware for the camera, and cannot be bypassed.
Nothing wrong with covering the lens with tape (which I also use :) ), but if you never see the power LED, then the camera does not function.

Who, other than YOU, have physical access to your computer? And, can come into your house, and use, physically touch, your computer?
Turn on File Vault. Change your Security settings for your system so that you have the firewall working. Those two items alone can make it extraordinarily difficult, if not impossible, to get in to your computer from the internet. Don't let anyone, that's no one, remotely connect to your Mac. That includes people that you think will help you. A remote connection, even a 'helpful' one, can also open your computer up for other outside access, which, I suppose, you don't want. Without that remote connection, no one can get in to your computer.
Just to make sure about that, open your System Preferences, then the Sharing pane. You will see a list of services that might be used for either incoming or outgoing connections. You should uncheck every item in that list.
Restart your Mac after making any changes.
Consider turning your router off when you are not actively using your internet connection.
You DO have your own wireless router, and not using one that is under someone else's control (such as a neighor's apartment), correct?
Are you using an open wifi to connect to the internet? Those free wifi hot spots are prime for crooks to try to view your files on your computer.
Do you have a password set for your user account? If not, put one in. If yes, change it. Just go to System Preferences>Users & Groups.
While you are in that pane, click on Groups and uncheck all the listed users in membership except yours.
Still in Users&Groups click on Guest User and uncheck the box allowing guests to log in and to connect to shared folders.
Click on the lock at the bottom of the pane to prevent any changes.