Maps Question


I was at the grocery store and had just left the place that sharpens chainsaw chains because it was no longer in business. So I wanted to search the local area for businesses that sharpen chainsaw chains. The brand is Stihl.

I first tried the Google's Map app, then Apple's Map app, then Google's mobile web site. I could not figure out how to do the search I wanted. For example, Apple's documentation says I can search for "Mexican restaurants" -- which I tried and it worked. But I could not figure out what to search for that resulted in a map with multiple hits. For example "chainsaw", "chainsaws", "chainsaw dealership", "chainsaw retail", etc (with and without Stihl) all ended up with one "hit" (not the same hit) and a map pin on that hit. It was frequently up in New York and I'm in Austin TX.

If I go to Google's mobile site for the maps and ask Safari to take me to the desktop site, then I can follow the documented procedure and get what I'm looking for. It seems like this would be something that is done all the time so I'm assuming I'm an idiot.

Can someone help me out and point me to a process where I can search for a type of business close to my present location? e.g. chainsaw dealers.
FWIW, I understand that ALL Stihl dealers are servicing dealers.
Did you try 'Sharpening Service' ?
I just tried it. Apple's Map app found one place (as before). Google's Map app spun forever and never finished. I tried it more than once.

But you gave me an idea... maybe "chainsaw businesses" or something along that logic. Maybe there are some keywords that trigger the type of search I'm looking for. But, so far, I've not found them.
You can likely get your work done at McCoys lawn equipment.
Looks like two locations in Austin - at your convenience.

(I found that by searching for chainsaw dealers in Austin TX. McCoy's is at the top of the list.)
Do you have your location set on your phone? It’s in Settings>Privacy>Location Services
I think the finding of businesses is still a bit lacking in Apple's maps app. But they've started an initiative where businesses can work this out themselves. Problem is: Most of them probably don't know about it. Last Autumn, news sites were talking about it. For example here: It's called Map Connect. While you shouldn't try and add businesses yourself, you could urge local businesses to do so.