Mavericks and MySql 5.5.28


Sorry if I am posting in the wrong forum but I was wondering if anyone has tested the new OS with MySql? I have installed MySql 10.8.5 and it is working just fine but I hear that the new OS is supposed to increase your battery life. I would hate to upgrade the OS just to find out that I can no longer use MySql. I don't think any of my other software would be affected.


The dramatic increase depends on the the Mac Books/Air with Haswell chips inside of them. Plus a lot of users are finding out if third party programs don't 64 upgrade their applications. So check with the web sites of all your programs and make sure they are updated for Mavericks or if they are not, it will affect your battery life drastically (on Mac Books). Keep checking the web site Roaring Apps to see if your critical programs are updated yet.

I also found the blog post Get Apache, MySQL, PHP and phpMyAdmin working on OSX 10.9 Mavericks that might be worth a read.
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