Maximise all open document windows


I often have documents open at smaller sizes that the full screen area. When I open many documents in an application I'd like them all to open at the full screen size. Does anyone know if there's a way to maximise all open document windows in this way?

I know about tile and cascade - that's not what I'm looking for.
This would depend on the application, and whether or not it supports it and/or adheres to the HID guidelines set forth by Apple.

Usually (and historically), you could option-click the maximize window button, and that would cause all document windows to expand to their "natural" maximized state ("natural" meaning "a window big enough to show all content in the window" -- not "a window that fills my screen").

Today, I rely on a helper application or two in order to position windows -- I find myself switching between Divvy and MercuryMover -- neither of which have an option to "maximize all windows of a particular application", but do help quite a bit with window management and positioning. There are others out there that seem to have good reviews that may do something like this (FlexiGlass, perhaps)... the point being that you might have to rely on some 3rd-party helper application in order to achieve exactly what you want to achieve here.