MBP screen goes blank

dr fletch

I've read about this happening somewhere but can't find any info.
My MacBook Pro screen occasionally goes blank...often when I ask it to enter expose. Cannot retrieve it, requiring a force restart.

I've also noticed that I'm, spending a LOT more time waiting for apps to open (or restore) since switching to Lion.

MBP 10.7.4
2.53 Ghz Intel core i5
What size hard drive?
How much total space, and how much empty space on the HD?
Is there anything happening in Console when the blank screen and hiccup happens?
The system.log in the console lists events by time and date.
When you can return to the console, you would then review the approximate time of the screen problem, where you might find some events that will help you.

You should also try booting to your Lion recovery partition. (Restart, and hold command-R)
Check your hard drive by running Repair Disk in the Disk Utility (different from Repair Disk Permissions)