merging msn and skype together


a shame msn is going :( i updated it so all my msn contacts are on but i want to delete some and i cant seem to, some i no longer speak to.. why is that?
just got people on not spoke to or no longer use that account.. dont think theres anything else i can do, i think its not good all merged way too many much better way it was before, wonder why messenger will stop
My guess is that Microsoft saw too many challenges with MSN chat, along with some legal issues.
I see references to real problems with child molesters (etc.) frequently using MSN for blind contacts, etc.

Or, maybe Microsoft simply saw MSN and Skype as redundant, with Skype more relevant in the future.
oh i see, never knew about that, that's not good, i like to be safe online.. saying that i did have some weirdos with webcam when i was a teenager and my mum told me to block them, guess you can find that anywhere though