Merpad Database Daemon


I just upgraded to Yosemite and now every time I start there is an empty "MerpAD Database Daemon" file in a folder named "Recovered files" in my trash can. I empty the trash but next time I start the OS it's there again. (If I don't empty the trash, there are two of them on next boot!)

There are very old online references to this problem (OS X 8, etc.) but no solutions. Any ideas?
I have always had recovered files in the trash after a start up on my machine at work. Mostly it is temp files that are no longer needed, hence I don’t worry.
Problem SOLVED (I think).

Thanks to DeltaMac for the URL. It led me to a cure that will probably fix this problem for me. (I have to restart to be sure, but I'm confident it will work.)

The reference points to a subdirectory but it's a few levels deeper than that. On my new Mac OS X 10.10 (Yosemite) it's under

/Library/Application Support/Microsoft/MERP2.0/MICROSOFT Error

where you may execute ./Microsoft\ Error\ Reporting

This starts the MERP2.0 app. Next you select Preferences from that app's name on the active-app's menu. The "enabled" box is checked. Just uncheck it and restart. The trash will be clear from then on. I hope :)

Thanks to all!
Okay. The restart wasn't enough. I repeated the Preferences trick and the ER box was still unchecked. So I selected Quit Error Reporting from the menu drop-down and then a system Shutdown. I counted to ten, started it up again, and found a very clean trash can - the way I like it.
Thank you so much for this post. I don't care about the trash -- but I was trying to find out how I could recover all of the edits to a document I downloaded in mail, and after revising the entire thing and hitting "save" Word quit unexpectedly (it does this frequently nowadays). I looked up how to find "auto recovered docs" but there was NOTHING in that file, so I was about to give up, when I checked the trash, saw the weird MER files, thought I had a virus, so looked THAT up, and then found this page, which led me to where my auto recovered documents REALLY live, and now I have back the document with my changes! Thank you thank you thank you.