microsoft messenger on lion


ive got lion os and tried a video call with a friend today. i could see him but my cam didnt come on & he couldnt hear me but when we did audio it was fine..why is that? how can i resolve it?



Does your camera actually work? Try iChat to check that.

In Microsoft Messenger, does the camera not come on (the green light next to the lens will come on) when you click the Video Call button on the Contact List?

What version of Messenger are you trying to use?
I think Messenger does not support video calls at all until version 7 or newer.

Is your friend on a Mac, or on a Windows PC?

Try moving on to software that is more reliable, such as Skype.


yes my camera works- i put photo booth on and its fine there,, hes not got skype sorted yet but can try that to, shame if msn doesnt work cos i'd like it to.. my friend is on a windows pc.. no in microsoft messenger the green light doesnt come in .. in photo booth it did.. i looked and couldnt see any settings for the cam in the microsoft messenger preferences.. ive got version 8.0.1