Microsoft Names Upcoming OS

vis-ta n. A distant view or prospect, especially one seen through an opening, as between rows of buildings or trees.

Yes, I have to admit, after all the delays, MS's next OS does seem like a very distant prospect. Nice name!

In all seriousness, though, I expect the name to be changed again before release. Vista just doesn't sound good, and it doesn't have any sense or progression in the name (although granted, neither did XP). Longhorn was just a code name, but it was better than Vista.

I think they just wanted to avoid the animal kingdom so people would stop picturing Jaguars/Panthers/Tigers/Leopards (wow, the Mac OS is advancing really fast compared to Windows!) devouring longhorn cows.

Hmm, I wonder if AltaVista will sue Microsoft. I mean, if Tiger Direct can sue Apple....
Actually vista is sort of a play on words if you think about their os name, Windows.

window -> view -> vista

I can see it.
I thought "Windows xperience" was bad. "Longhorn" is definitely better than "Vista." It seems a bit too grand for an OS. It sounds more like a car or a chocolate bar.

It does however have this horrible "consumer-friendly" touch to it (for want of a better way of describing it) which reminds me of the depressingly enthusiastic "Let's activate Windows!" text on the Windows activation screen. Maybe if they don't give it a "computery" name like "Windows 3.1" or "Mac OS X", less-computer-literate consumers will be more keen on it.
Someone told me about this at work today. Not only is it a crappy name, but everyone already knows it as Longhorn, I think it would have been smarter to just stick with it.
yeah, just a bad name altogether.
like the 'Ford Festiva'.
Has anyone seen these cars?
What kind of a 'party' can u have in a car so small?? hahaha
and it doesn't have any sense or progression in the name

And I suppose Windows 3.1 --> 95 --> 98 --> Me --> 2000 --> XP does? Or worse yet, in the space of just 2 years, Visual Studio 6.0 --> '98 --> .Net.

I also think the name "Vista" is pretty dumb. I suspect they hired Lexicon (a product naming company) to come up with that one. Lets see "Well, its pretty much like the old version of Windows, but now they have transparency! so they're like ... windows that you can see through! A window-related name would be in order."
what makes me really mad is the video they have on the vista-page. how stupid are those people? its quality is so poor you can hardly read the text!
wouldnt it be in their interest to show of wmv at its best? i mean, they _must_ have the bandwidth. and i couldnt find any pictures of the os anywhere on their site.
i think, that this is possibly the worst brandname i have seen in a while. that's not becuase i'm a mac fanboy, it just is.
Wtf Vista? It just really shows the diverse difference between microsoft and apple of their marketing schemes. Notice the type face of Windows Vista is similar to the Macintosh typeface used in the system?

Actually i found this from another site about Win Vista.

Does Windows "Vista" mean more Viruses, Infections, Spyware, Trojans and Adware?
Your quote was said in the link I posted and I have it in my email signatures :)

Considering everyone I know are just dying to try RSS feeds out in IE and Outlook, gee might just get Virtual PC for it... oh yeah, have it in Safari already.... ;)
vista stands for all the problems with windows :


perfect name....