Microsoft Office 2004 Update Not Running



I have just installed Tiger on my imac 17" and bought office 2004 student edition (in France) version 11.0.

Tiger seems OK
Office 2004 was installed properly.

Now, Microsoft auto-update program found some updates to install (e.g. auto-update 1.1.2) but i found also others on mactopia site (e.g 11,1).

unfortunately i am not able to install those updates programs.

when running the vise installer, programme is searching Macintosh HD during many hours ...

when forcing to quit, the system says that the installation program does not respond...

I have searched many hours on internet to find some events like this but did not find any.

Can somebody help me to understand what is happening ? I am really disappointing as it the first time i do not find answers for some make issues.
Thanks a lot


U.S.D.A. Prime
If you recently installed Tiger, then Spotlight is probably indexing your drive -- this initial indexing makes your computer slower and causes a lot of disk activity. If you try and use Spotlight in the menubar and it says that you cannot use Spotlight just yet, then this is probably the culprit. Simply let it run to completion, which could take quite some time (hours of consecutive, idle time). After that, the disk activity and processor usage should drop to almost none.

If Spotlight indexing isn't the culprit, then I would let the installer search the hard drive. As long as it's doing something, it's probably not stuck. It could be that both Spotlight was indexing at the same time the updater was searching the hard drive for an application to update, then it's likely that the two processes were competing for the hard drive, slowing both down dramatically.



I let installer running many days without any success. even microsoft support i snot able to help me.
any suggestion ?