midi in 10.1?


Can anyone comment on the state of OS level midi
support in 10.1? I've not been using OSX because
of the lack of it. In particular I need to be able to run an external midi synth.

Of course I also have to wait for OSX drivers to be available from the hardware manufacturers, but Apple has to get its act together first.
So what software can one use for MIDI input in OS X 10.1? My Mother is a musician, and being able to use her MIDI keyboard with OS X will be a big (the only remaining?) factor for her in moving to OS X. Of course I, as the local computer guru and source of free tech support (her words, not mine), will be expected to get it to work. ;)
Anybody been able to play MIDI files through QuickTime using a supported native driver? I've installed the new OSX drivers for my MidiSport 2x2 and can't get QT to see it...