Missing content in e-mail


Using Mojave Mac Mail. Many emails do not show the content of the message. This did not occur on another Mac running El Captan or using thunderbird on the Mojave computer. Thunderbird gave me an option to view.

I checked all the mail preferences and cannot find a solution.

I posted this on the Apple Forum but got no response.

Does anyone know the solution?
Just to understand the problem...you open the email and it has an empty body - no message? Is this from a trusted sender? Are you allowing time for the messages to download?
You have it right. I am using Safari 13.01 Most of the messages are ads. I allow plenty of time.
hmm... Can you show a screen shot?
You now mentioned Safari.
Which are you using to view your mail messages? Safari, or Apple's Mail app?
If Safari, which web mail site are you using?
Neither my wife or I had problems moving to 10.14 and setting up our email accounts. There are reported issues in 10.15 so just making sure we are troubleshooting the correction version of macOS.