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I'm having a problem getting a decent dialup connection speed, that is, anything above 33.6. I can connect at that speed using the Apple:GV (56K) script. When I try to use any of the internal modem scripts, I watch it in the connection log, and it repeats this line (after dialing up, and connecting with a connection speed of 45500 and up)

sent [LCP ConfReq id=0x1 <asyncmap 0x0> <magic 0x4f65011> <pcomp> <accomp>]

it repeats this line 10 times, then shows this:

LCP: timeout sending Config-Requests
Connection terminated.

Then it disconnects. Any ideas on how to get a faster connection, or to get around this problem?? I called my ISP tech support, and he "says" that there is an option in OS9 to just turn of LCP, but I can't find it in X.1, but then again, I don't know if that was even true in 9. Any ideas would be apprecitated.


Strange! I don't know how exactly to answer your question, but I'll provide my experience with 56k modems as a sort-of guideline.

I NEVER believed the "line-quality" crap that I was being fed about not being able to connect above 33.6 kbps. I tried different qualities/lengths of phone cord to no avail. I thought 56k was a bunch of crap.

...Until I moved back home with the parents one summer -- I previously resided in an upscale apartment complex that was located some miles outside the "city" portion of my city (San Antonio). I frequently got 24000kbps connections and an occasional 26400kbps connection. I was frustrated. I took the same Mac back to mommy and daddy's house, and BLAMMO! I was getting 46666kbps connections ALL the time, with an occasional 48000kbps thrown in once in a while... I was happy, and my web surfins WAS faster -- it wasn't any old speed-reporting error by the CPU. Apartment complex: downloads at a maximum of 2.8kbps. M&D's house: 4.8-5.0kbps download speeds, sometimes exceeding that.

Now I'm in Arlington. I live in the ghetto, but it's close to school... and I get 46666kbps connections all the time. Sometimes 45333kbps, but most often 46666. Download speeds are good (4.0-5.0kbps).

Now I'm a firm believer that line quality and proximity to the switching thing-a-ma-bob that the phone company uses is VERY important at getting a good connection...

I'm on a G4/400 PCI machine, and the "Apple Internal Modem (v.90)" or "Apple Internal Modem 56k" script just plain didn't work. I changed it to the "Supra v.90" script, and all is well! I tried the "Apple:GV" script, but the modem seemed sluggish in response to commands (took 3 minutes to cancel a dial attempt!), but the Supra script works wonders. The volume coming out of the front speaker is a little muted when it's playing the modem sounds, but I can live with that...

Try taking your Mac to a friend's house where he or she can get faster speeds and try your Mac there. If you STILL get crappy connections, try somewhere else... then report your problem to Apple. But, try the Supra script first. It worked wonders for me.
Thanks for your reply.

My borther is using a PC, and recently upgraded to a hardware modem, after using a software modem for sometime. He was connecting slow before, but now he is connecting at 46333+. The phonelines to my house are not the best, but if he can connect at that speed on his PC, shouldn't I be able to do the same? I can connect with the Supra 56K script, but (according to CNET's bandwidth test) I am only connected at 30.2, and surfing is pretty slow...

Any more suggestions??


I'm not sure what you mean by hardware vs. software modem...

At any rate, yeah, you SHOULD be able to connect just as fast as he is... however, I've always found Apple's internal modems to be quite picky about line conditions and what-not. What kind of Mac are you using? Have you tried connecting under both OS 9 and OS X? Are you using the internal modem or do you have an external one?

Many of my friends have alleviated this problem by going out and buying external USB modems, but they've had some difficulty getting them to work under OS X... I've found 3Com/USRobotics modems to be the best on the market, but Zoom makes a good modem, too.

I just dealt with it. Later on I got DSL and never had to worry about that again, but unfortunately, I don't live in the "DSL house" anymore and have to deal with dial-up again... oh, well, at least it's free (through school).

This topic was discussed in GREAT length and detail on Apple's site and other sites for a LONG time after the first G4s were introduced. I don't think a definite conclusion was EVER reached -- Apple just kept repeating "line condition, line condition, line condition."

As crappy an answer I found that to be, I've found it to be VERY true. Like I said, I've also found Apple internal modems to be extremely picky about the quality of the lines -- where one modem could connect at 46666 kpbs, the Mac modem would connect at a paltry 33600 kbps.

Good luck...
Thanks. That exactely answers my questions. All along I have thought it to be line noise, so I guess it is time to get the phone company out AGAIN....

BTW, incase anyone is wondering, I'm using an iMac, 500MHZ, Summer 2000 with 384 MG ram..

Thanks again

Originally posted by ElDiabloConCaca
I'm not sure what you mean by hardware vs. software modem...

I'm not sure what they meant either, but it reminded me of the old DSP technology GeoPort that used to come with A/V Macs. Remember those? They used the DSP to emulate a modem and in theory could be upgraded indefinitely through software use alone. Problem was Apple drop support pretty quick. I think they topped out at 14.4.

Every now and again I hear about some computer manufacturer coming up with another creative use for DSP chips. Nothing seems to stick. Poor lil' DSP chip....
Thanks for the input.. I think I may try out the USB modem idea. Does any one reading this with the same (prefferably) imac as me, and have a USB modem hooked up to it?? If so, which one, and how reliable is it? I've looked for a US Robotics USB modem, but no luck yet.. I have a local store looking into it for me.


I don't think USRobotics makes modems anymore. If I'm not mistaken, they were bought by 3Com, and I don't even think 3Com makes modems. My modem-of-choice back in the day was a good ol' fashioned Hayes modem, but alas, the inventors of the AT-Command Set standard stopped making them too. Ah well... Hell, I remember when a 28.8 modem was BLAZING fast and cost close to $500... yikes! If you had a 33.6 modem back then, you were God. Hands down.

Ok, enough reminiscing... I know a guy whose had pretty good luck with a Supra 56k modem... although I think ANY external modem would do a better job than the crappy internal modems Apple insists on putting in its machines.

At any rate, try to get some advice from other people on this board. My internal modem works quite well dialing into my school's system (UT Arlington), but then again, I live 2 miles from school... does anyone use an external modem with OS X here? I'd also love to hear your success/failure stories...