Moms are now consider terrorists now

I think this is the case of people hearing bits and pieces and coming to the wrong conclusion. The DOJ is investigating the violence and death threats voiced to teachers, educators, and school boards. When someone says 'I know where you live' you better believe that you need protection.
There are some people (I can't call them parents because it is unknown if they really are parents) who are interrupting school board meetings because the board is asking for students to wear masks or they want the schools to stop teaching critical race theory.

The kicker is that critical race theory is not taught in K - 12 classrooms. It is only a graduate class in some universities. Wearing masks helps to protect you from the deadly virus (over 700,000 souls lost in US alone).

What is troubling is these people are using violence or the threat of violence to get what they want. Not a very nice way to show an example of how to behave to their children (if they are parents).
It's also worth bearing in mind the source. The Daily Mail is... not the finest newspaper in the UK... although it has a large circulation. It is a tabloid and has a tendency to, ummm, make things sound more exciting, shall we say... I remember Wikipedia banned The Daily Mail from being used a source of information a few years back. It is sometimes referred to as "The Daily Heil" over here because of its very, very right-leaning views and some of its history. Lord Rothermere (one of the founders) was close to Hitler and Mussolini, and the paper also famously ran an article during the 1930s entitled "Hurrah for the Blackshirts," where the Blackshirts were British fascists during the 1930s. So, I would anticipate The Daily Mail would never put anything done by the Democrats in a good light, to put it mildly. ;)
And then there is "The Daily Mail Song:"
(Note: to be on the safe side, the video is mostly fine but a minor warning about the language, for anyone who could be offended by such things or have children around.)

Or a member of the Question Time panel (a weekly political discussion with different panel guests and audience participation) who voiced their dislike of the paper...