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Hi, we have a September 2010 2.8 Mac Pro desktop running into a Formac monitor. Generally been running well for the last six years. Today though the monitor would come on when I pressed the on button then last for a short while and switch off I then press the on button again and same thing happens. Is this a problem with the monitor or the Mac? If it is a problem with the monitor can I purchase and use a normal one or do I have to buy another with a DVI plug? Would really appreciate your assistance!


The 2010 MacPro can have connect whatever display the graphics card will support. The usual graphics connection is either DVI (which you are currently using), or two mini DisplayPort connections. You COULD connect displays to all 3 connections at the same time, if you have a need for more than one display.
So, to answer your question, you can get your preset display repaired. If it is an older display, that might not be worth doing.
Or, purchase a display that you like. Look at the connections that are on the replacement display. If it has a DVI connector, then you can use the same cable that you already have. The new display may even come with the correct cable that you can use. Or, it might have an HDMI connector, and you would need an adapter to change HDMI to DVI, or HDMI to mini DisplayPort. You can find just about any combination of plugs to connect to most any display that you might like.

So, I suggest that you look for a display that you like, at a price that you can afford. As usual, price tends to vary by the size.
Decide what size you want, the features that you need, then do your homework by finding out what video connections that display will use.
Some have only one choice, others might have as many as 5 different ones.
You can also return here if you are undecided, with the brand and model number of one or two that you might be considering.

There are no hard and fast answers, as the correct display is determined by YOUR needs - and your budget. There is a huge number of choices. You will seldom find a display that CANNOT be used. All it takes (usually) is the proper adapter to connect to your MacPro, and that's all you should need.
I think a good site to look is You can search for various displays, sorting by size and price, also sorting by the video interface.


A Mac that won’t start up is a little different to a Mac that won’t turn on. When a Mac won’t start up it will often display something on the screen, or you will hear something inside whuring away. You may see a flashing question mark or simply a blue or grey screen. We look at both of those occurrences below.
If you started up your Mac and were greeted with a folder with a question mark in the middle it might mean that your Mac’s disk has failed. But before you panic, there may be another explanation, and you may be able to fix it. That folder with a question mark inside indicates that your Mac can’t find the startup disk and therefore can’t boot. Fixing this issue will involve putting your Mac into Recovery Mode and choosing the correct startup disk (which is likely to be your Macintosh HD, unless you want to boot from an external drive).


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The original poster did not say his Mac won’t start up. And since this was a year ago, I am pretty sure he has things running smoothly now. Please stick to recent up to date threads.