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Tayo Fox

i am still somewhat new to mac but i got some apps, im still open to getting some new ones, i use OS X 10.9.5 Mavericks.
anything you guys reccomend?
(im also looking for a good app that can view image/video files properly, like be able to view png, jpg, gif, mp4, whatnot and "play" properly)
a large thank you to any app names


Rosie Moderator
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For images I use GraphicConverter. It does everything that Photoshop does.


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Sense Mac OS is updated so often old files tend to hang around! So I use a free System Reporter to so paths to manually delete those files! The program is free and it's called EtreCheck.

If you want a light cheap powerful Photoshop shop replacement then look at PixelMator sense it uses internal hooks built into OS X!