More Problems with Safari


Helpless Mac Newbie
I have many taps open. Like 10. And when I leave Safari open for like a week then try to close it, I get the spinning beachball of death eternall, and I have to force quit it. So, I tried an experiment, closing one tab at a time. Each tab took atleast 30 seconds if not more to close. I tried closing one window with 4 tabs, and it took like 3-4 minutes to close. Then, with no windows open, I tried closing Safari the program, which took another 2-3 minutes to close. This is ridiculous. Even if Safari is open for a long time, it shouldnt take a ridiculously long time to quit!

And my much less irritating issue: A website I leave open keeps automatically refreshing itself. And when I'm working with 2 other sites at the same time, this slows things down. How can I set a site (or Safari as a whole) to not let sites automatically refresh themselves?
Yep -- what you're saying is akin to, "I have five 200MB pictures open in PhotoShop, and it seems slow."

10 tabs open with content-rich sites puts a good amount of strain on a computer... hell, even my 3.6GHz Prescott P4 at work exhibits a bit of slowdown even with six Explorer or FireFox windows open.

That's the nature of the beast: 10 tabs is quite a few to have open.

I think you'll see better results if you logged out while not using the computer... leaving Safari (or any non-server program) open for a week is kind of pushing it. Instead, try putting your frequently-used applications (Safari, Mail, etc.) in your Login Items and try logging out when you're going to bed or will be gone for a few hours. I think you'll see much better memory behavior and overall stability if you don't leave applications open for days at a time and don't stay logged in all the time.
Ok, but then why should I have problems closing it though?

I think I may have found the solution to the first one. Saft has a setting known as "block html refreshing". I believe that should do it.