More than one version of 10.1.4


Looks like there is more than one version of 10.1.4 out there! My old CRT iMac shows the build number as "5Q125" while the new 800 mhz flat-panel I just bought shows it as "5R48", interesting!

I've noticed one difference already, when I press the disk eject key a disk eject icon appears on the screen (similar to the volume and brightness icons).

This is a rumored feature for 10.1.5 so I'm wondering if 5R48 is really 10.1.5. I wonder what other new features it might have?


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This has been the case with a lot of the updates Apple releases. VERY little differs between the build numbers -- rest assured you're using a full-fledged version of 10.1.4 even though the build numbers differ.

5R48 is really 10.1.4. 10.1.5 will be 10.1.5, regardless of the build number. And, there will probably be more than one build out there.


i dont have the on screen eject on my version.. what will i ever do without it???.. oh whoa is me... this is a cool update, but im ready for the big change to 10.2 and all the other toys theyre gonna have at MWNY 2k2


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The difference in build numbers is due to new hardware. When Apple releases new hardware, it has to update the system software to run on that Mac, but it's pointless to release it to the whole Mac community because no one will see the benefits.

When Apple releases OS X 10.1.5, all Macs will be on par with the build number... that is, until Apple releases even newer hardware (at MWNY).


The new iBooks come with an even newer version of 10.1.4, I don't remember what though...

I want 10.1.5, so I have support for my mom's new digital camera ;)