Mountain Lion surprises


Using MacBook Pro Intel Core 2 Duo 8GB memory;

- went from Snow leopard to Mountain Lion;

-- is my perception correct Mountain Lion is very slow in loading applications (Excel, Word) and files, compared to Snow Leopard? Is Mountain Lion as a new version adding fat like new Windows versions?

-- in Finder used to have the list of files and applications with icons of each. Now the icons have disappeared and I cannot add any new applications to the list left of folders' list. What am I doing wrong?
Things feel the same to me with my late 2011 MBP running from an SSD. Not sure what to tell you about finder - if you open Applications do you see the icons next to the app names?


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I think the OP is asking about the sidebar.
In 10.6 (and older) you had the choice of dragging an app to the sidebar, and having access to an app through that icon in the sidebar. That is not provided in a finder window, since Lion. You CAN, however, drag an app into a finder window toolbar. That works well, and same for documents.
There IS a way to drag documents into the sidebar, but looks like that's only from the All My Files folder.