Mouse Acceleration in OSX


Mouse acceleration in mac os x is annoying. Anyway to customize it? I've tried USB overdrive, mighty mouse.....etc. The only one which works sufficiently is USB overdrive, but that only works when active and maximized. Hence, it's only useful for working WITH USB overdrive!

I posted this up before, but got no solution so I'll try again.

Dual G5, OSX 10.3.9 .................etc.

It's non stop problems with these ol' macs.

Any help appreciated!
Apple tends to be a little draggy with some mouses. Is your mouse too sensitive, or too dead?

What brand mouse are you trying to use? Some mouses just do not have a great acceleration curve when used with OS X.
BTW, Tiger 10.4 has changed the response for many mouses, and you may find better mouse use with that.
Logitech Mouseware has better options for mouse tracking. But you may need to have a logitech mouse.

In addition to USB Overdrive there is another program called Sidetrack which allows you to adjust the trackpad sensitivity, but I think this is only for trackpads.