Mouse/keyboard Slow: Strange Yosemite And Vnc Issue


U.S.D.A. Prime
So this is a weird one.

I tunnel my VNC connections to my Mac at home over ssh from a computer at work. I typically use RealVNC's free VNC viewer as the client on the Windows machine at work.

Whenever I do this, when I return home and use the Mac locally, the keyboard and mouse speeds that I've set have returned to their default, slower settings. Currently, this is a Yosemite-only thing, as it did not and does not occur on Mavericks.

I suspect one of two things:

1) Yosemite
2) The particular VNC client I'm using (RealVNC Viewer)

I'll try again using a different VNC client from work, and also test with Apple's Remote Desktop software to see if those exhibit the issue, but was just wondering if anyone has a similar setup as has noticed and/or found a solution for this.