Mouse with 5 buttons

mac mini n00b

I've done a search for this first but is there anyway I can get my buttons 4 and 5 to work in OS X? I'd like mouse-button 4 to work as a back button and 5 as forward in several applications (Finder and web browsers)

I've done a google but it seems the only choice is some kind of USB software you have to pay for :(

This should really be a FREE option in OS X with the advent of USB only ports for keyboards and mice (on many new macs - mini mac for example) they should know we need this option

any suggestions on how to get this to work in OS X either through the OS itself or a FREE program?
You should be able to go to the manufacturers website and download the specific software driver for your mouse, for free. I had a Logitech mouse that had 5 buttons and once I installed the software that came with it, buttons 4 and 5 worked as the back and forward buttons for my browser. I would suggest going to the manufacturers website first and looking there.
its a memorex and is just for Windows I guess :(

the scroll wheel and middle button work in safari just fine, rightclick works, hmmm well I guess when this mouse dies I'll get one that works on all 3 OS'es

i dont think i want to gamble with using another manufactuers drivers, probably not a good idea :rolleyes:
Nah, that's not such a good idea. :D

I am using a Microsoft Intellimouse, 5 buttons (including scroll) and good drivers for Mac OS X, it even lets you configure the buttons for separate programs, i.e. for Battlefield 1942 I can assign button 4 and 5 to be something else other than back/forward as they are in the Finder and Safari.

It's worth a look.
USB OVERDRIVE is great software, and lets you set up your buttons any way you like. It is shareware, and fully functional without paying for the license, except for an annoying reminder at each login.