Movie's not playing sound.


Movie's not playing sound in Quicktime.
When I play them in VLC it works. Quicktime plays them but without sound. How can I get Quicktime to play it with sound when VLC can?>



U.S.D.A. Prime
Sounds like an AVI file, right?

You may need some plugins to get the sound to work -- possibly DivX plugins... do a search on for "divx" and see what comes up.


And VLC can still play them fine, but not quicktime ?
I'm thinking it is just disabling the sound or something ?????
Any help?


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VLC bears no relation to QuickTime; it uses its own set of codecs and file parsers. So you should expect differences in the way QuickTime and VLC handle certain files.

However, if you have MPEGs that play sound in VLC but not QT, I can almost guarantee you that they're not real MPEGs. Windows users often misname any ol' movie file ".mpg", even if they're really mov, wmv, avi, etc. It's probably really an avi. If I'm wrong and it is in fact an MPEG, it means that it's somewhat corrupt. QuickTime is notoriously non-error-tolerant, whereas VLC is very error-tolerant.

Like ElDiablo said, you probably need Divx. You might also need to download the Ogg Vorbis codec and AC3 Codec. Both are free.


Ok. Thanks alot. I downloaded a "movie trailer" from apple to test Quicktime to see if it was something 'wrong' with it (corrupt). But it played fine. So I've downloaded those other codecs and that should fix it.
Thanks for your explaination!