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I hear that the next movie will feature the next-gen cast. When are we going to see DS9/Voyager people on movies?

Voyager doesnt really lend itself to a movie,
well not unless species 8472 make a comeback and janeway is at some helm against them/with them. Or maybe a borg comeback, a kazon comeback or those hunting species come back.

DS9 doesnt really have some sort of movie plot either, sisko is gone and made one with the profets and the rest of crew just *is*...

If they made a movie I would like to see what plot they would choose :)
They were supposed to make some TV movies for DS9. That'd be nice, because they left a few threads hanging with that show. For example, Sisko left, but he was supposed to come back.
they make up plots for the movies. None of the plots in the TNG movies had anything to do with the show.

Star Trek X looks to be the end of the line for Data. As for any of the other members of TNG/DS9/Voyager cast, they can always write them in without to many problems (other than spreading the story to thin).

The positions are going to be much the same as in the last couple movies from what I've heard (and the actors are calling the shots on this). Frakes is the director, Stewart is the star and Spiner the co-star. Everyone else is support for the most part.
This is the last movie with data in it :eek: ???
Why ?? what have you heard ???
I love data (more likeable than the doctor on Voyager :p)

While I certainly don't know the real reason, I would venture to guess that it might be because Brent Spiner isn't looking any younger, and Data isn't supposed to age. Still, it is a disappointment, since his character is a lot less annoying than some others I could mention...
Data wants to look more human, thus the emotion chip, and teh dying of hair (in one of the episodes). I think if they wanted to they could work him in. I like data damn it :p
Like I said, that was just my speculation. I haven't followed Star Trek since DS9 ended and all there was was Voyager :rolleyes:. Now that TNN is showing reruns of TNG and there's a new Star Trek show, I'm getting into it a bit more. But I've missed a lot of the going-ons of it all.
My understanding (based on rumor) is that Spiner feels that Data is stopping him from getting other acting roles (though I don't see this happening to Stewart). It sounds like he is going through the same thing that Nimoy did before he started being successful as a director.
Yeah, when it stop bothering him, he was able to do a ton of different things. Spiner could learn from that.

By the way, I saw you desktop in another thread. Looks like you are working on first quarter Algebra, have you gotten to Galois Theory yet (that was second or third quarter as I recall, some time after Rings usually)? It got more fun for me when I could relate that stuff to things I was interested in (like Gauge Theory in physics or Lie Groups and Lie Algebras). We used Herstein for our text (it was as borning as my instructor). The only thing that kept me up in class was that I had Riemannian Geometry right after that one (I loved that class).

Are you specializing in any area? As an undergrad I took both a year of differential geaometry and topology (and a year of graduate differential geometry), I also to a year of mechanics and quantum theory (I was originally a physics major). I only needed a year of algebra and analysis, and a year of two other series
Yeah, we're doing the first quarter of graduate level algebra (I'm a first-year grad). We're sort of skipping around right now, although we're doing group theory this quarter. Our text is by Serge Lang, and it's horrible. I used Hungerford for undergrad and I still use that mostly now. And yeah, we've just started looking at Galois Theory in depth.

I'm actually a little embarrassed by that screenshot, because I did some really stupid stuff for that homework assignment that were either typos or just plain blatantly wrong but easily correctable if I had looked. Dang it. My defense is that I was staying up late nights to work on it.
That sure sounds like the text I use for my graduate series (though I only finished the first two quarters and haven't taken the qualifying exam yet). I was going to take complex analysis instead of real analysis (I heard the exam was easier), and I finished pretty much everything else. I've had a year of graduate differential geometry (differentiable manifolds, riemannian geometry, integration on manifolds), Lie Groups (differentiable manifolds, Lie groups, Lie Algebras), mathematical method in physics, and some odd classes on quantum field theory and relativity to kill time. Most of my research has been in differential topology which I got interested in when I was working at the NFS Geometry Center a number of years ago. One of my first papers was on tight immersions of manifolds (both polyhedral and smooth) and I was lucky enough to work with a few Fields Medalists who helped catch my mistakes during my work.

So has any area peaked your interest yet? My interest in theoretical physics pushed me into mathematics (though the fact the our department is mainly experimentalist didn't help stop me from changing majors). All the best physics was being done in our math department, and the physics department was thirty years behind in their math (I learn relativity coordinate free while the physics department was still using tensors which doesn't show you the global characteristics, but is good for calculating paths).
I used to love math :p
It was all so..methodical :p
I took calculus, and the love affair ended :p
I made so many stupid mistakes yielding so many wrong answers it wasnt even funny:p

To be honest, I haven't quite figured out what I want to specialize in. Both combinatorics and number theory struck a cord while I was an undergrad, but I don't have to make a decision yet, so I want to hold off on it (I'm taking year-long courses on topology, analysis, and algebra right now because they have a breadth requirement here at OSU). I worked with two professors on a couple of different projects as an undergrad, and I loved doing the research. I'm just not sure what I want to do it in, yet...

Oh, and Admiral, there's a lot of cool subjects other than calculus. It's really too bad you have to get through calculus to get to the fun stuff.
I passed calc I and calc II,
I did not need calc III for my major so I never bothered taking it lol :p
I am doing a math/cs course now on number theory lol ...
Seems ok, working with a lot of matrices ... have an exam tomorrow and have not studied yet... oh well... will do so tomorrow ;)
encruption ??? dang! I feel cheated :(
No such thing on my syllablus:(

Most of the stuff on the syllabus looks like manipulating, solving, interpollating matrices in MATLAB :( I want encryption :p