Moving hard drive from MDD G4 to G4


I am trying to move the hard drive that was in my MDD G4 dekstop to another desktop G4 and am having difficulty.

When I took the MDD hard drive out, the jumpers look like they were set to "slave." And the other drive that was in the other G4 looked to be set to slave as well.

I purchased another monitor because the Cinema Display that was attached to my MDD G4 won't attach to the other G4. It's a vga connect monitor and when I power up the computer, the Apple shows and then I get an error message saying the drivers aren't installed. Well the Mac doesn't have monitor drivers so now I am faced with another dilemma. I am pulling my hair out.

Back to my original question - what do I set the jumpers on so the G4 (not the MDD) will start up and load the desktop?

The MDD's power source died on me. That's why I'm switching hard drives.

Any help appreciated. THANK YOU!!!


Does the G4 already have a hard drive, and you are adding that as a second hard drive?
Many G4s (especially the later models) are just fine with both hard drives jumpers set for "Cable Select", which simply allows the ribbon cable to determine if the hard drive is device 0 or device 1.
Or, if you are not sure what to do - set the jumpers on the hard drive attached to the END connector on the ribbon cable as Master, and the second hard drive (connected to the "middle" connector) will be set for Slave.
If you have one drive set as slave, then the other MUST be master. Otherwise, neither drive will work, and your system probably won't even boot.
Don't guess at the correct jumper settings - make sure they are correct. Each manufacturer has a different jumper setup.
The label of most hard drives will show you which jumpers need to be used for slave or master (or cable select). If it is not clearly marked on the drive's label, then go to the drive's manufacturer site (Apple doesn't make any hard drives, so the manufacturer will also be on the label), and search there for "jumper settings"

There's no drivers to find to use a third party monitor on your Mac.
It either works, or it doesn't work.
A very new monitor (wide-screen maybe) or one that is more often used as a TV - might not work properly, but it should still work.

That message that you see in regards to drivers doesn't sound correct...
Can you give us the EXACT text in that message - as you see it? It may actually be referring to something else entirely.

What version of OS X are you using on your G4?