Moving pst archives.

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Hello Forum Staff,

I need a work-around for moving the pst file archives from apple mail to Microsoft outlook 2010.
I have searched other websites and google too to find the solution but haven't reached for any solid conclusion yet that can solve this problem. I have also searched for softwares that can help me with this but there is none going for such conversion.

Following some research i found that i am actually trying to transfer .pst files to. olm.
Is this possible or not?

Please help.


A quick and easy way to do this is with a GMail IMAP account. Just setup the GMail account on the Mac and in Outlook on Windows. Then in Mail (Mac) drag the messages from your account to the GMail IMAP folders (make as many as you need). Now in Outlook drag the messages from the GMail IMAP account into the Outlook folders you want.

Another way is to go fro third party applications.
The one I know is : Apple Mail to PST Convert – Convert Apple Mail Emails to WIndows Outlook PST

Or you can have a search on google which will provide you countless solutions: Mac Mail Migration

Choose the way you want to opt.
Thank you
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