Mr Sprakle!


Simply Daemonic
lol here is Mr. SparklE1
(Furthermore this shows that greek unicode exists)



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I now have a new found... respect? for you. (I thought you were running at 1024 x 768?).

Way to go Mr. Sparkle

mail is almost ready to go out.
He he ;)
I have 1024*786 at work where I have a "Big" monitor, but at home where I have a 15" one (bare minimum to run X I believe) having a 1024*786 is bad for the eyes lol... you can barelly see stuff ;)

--> Mr. Sparkle is disrepectful of dirt! <--
And here I am with a 17" monitor at 1280 x 1024.

The images are to big to attach to my posts :). LOL.
Very good question :D
I got it back in the days of the PB, and this was the background of my PB....
There is a site that has only mac backgrounds and concept mac designs...
I cant remember the site off hand... i'll get back to ya.


admiral, i couldn't find it at the apple collection ... went through all the artistic desktops (60 pages...) but nothing there...
maybe you could post it here? that would be really cool...

I apologize for the shameless geekiness of this, but I have the uncontrollable urge to point out that the Japanese text in everybody's favorite Mr. Sparkle image is "spelled" slightly wrong. Close enough, though, and a lot better than some random characters.

Oh, and by the way, the only thing cooler than Greek Unicode in X is Japanese Unicode. Man, gotta love that language support.
Originally posted by Red Phoenix
Just out of curiosity, how is it misspelled? It says "Misuta Supaakoru". Should it be "Misuta Supaakaru"?
I've alwasy seen "Mr." (or anything else with a trailing R sound) transcribed into Japanese with a long vowel on the end, so I'd say the closest equivalent is "Misutaa Supaakaru" personally. Sounds closer to the English, anyway.
He he,
Whatever it is, japanese just looks so damn cool :D
I wish apple supported more greek though. 1 font only has greek, and no keyboards to speak of...that sucks...Apple do something dammit :p