Ms Office For Mac


I have a real problem with Word.
In some documents - not all, but always big important ones my clients need urgently - Word applies an edit not just to the selected text, but to ALL text. For example, if I set a paragraph to be bulleted, or numbered, it bullets on numbers the entire document. I have chosen the preference that says only apply edits to selected texts, but it keeps (intermittently) doing this,

My "workaround" is to hit command-Z, and this always fixes it. However, there's a price. The document grows and grows every thiemI do this, and as a result background save stops working, and commend-Z takes longer and longer to work.

I hope this is clear: a friend who recently started usung Mac after many years in PC-land has the same problem, my brother, who also uses Mac, doesn't know what I'm talking about.

Any ideas? Could I have a corrupted version of the software? Should I be directing this query to Microsoft?

Thanks in advance!
Yes, Josephine, you have a corrupted piece of software. It is called Microsoft Word. This may seem flip, but it really is not. The best thing that you can do is to go through the app and disable as many automatic functions as you can. Otherwise, you will spend most of your time undoing the changes that Word makes to your documents. Lest there be any doubt, Word is just as much of problem for people using the Windows versions if not more so.
The file size increasing is a known issue with auto-save and whatever change-tracking algorithm Microsoft uses. The solution to the bloated file size is to disable auto-save and the auto-revision-tracking options in the preferences, then copy and paste the contents of the document into a new, blank document and save that new document.
Thanks to both posters of really helpful advice on Word backup save problem. I think this fixes it - I'm really grateful.