Msn Troubles

lil jess

I recently obtained an i book laptop. When i am at home i can log into MSN messenger with no trouble. However, when I am at school and plugged into the server I can't. I get a message telling me that I am not connected to the internet although I am. I tried using Adium and I get a message saying "Gaim error"

"Connection error from Notification server (
Writing error"

I came across something saying that I have to redirect my ports or something. I was hoping that you could give me more direction or how I can change this in my settings.

Thank you

Please be a lot more specific about your problem -- what exact model of iBook are you using? What exact version of OS X are you using? What is the exact configuration of the network you're trying to connect to -- wireless? wired? DHCP? Citrix? NetWare?

Simply saying "iBook won't connect with MSN on network" is extremely vague, and, as such, we can only give you an equally vague answer in return. Please elaborate -- help us help you!

As stated, the only thing I can think of is that the school is specifically blocking the ports that MSN and Adium use, and, in that case, there is absolutely nothing you can do short of buddying up with the systems administrator and sweet-talking him into opening the ports.