Multiple iMac User Issue


I have an iMac running OSX 10.6.8 which is set up with two user login accounts, one for me and one for my wife. I just purchased an iPad Mini and sync it to iTunes under my user account. I also sync my contacts, schedule, music, and photos. Under my wifes user login she can see my music library within iTunes and has difficulty viewing my iPhoto library. She would like to get an iPad Mini and sync her schedule, contacts as well as photos from my iPhoto library and music from my iTunes library. Is there a way to make this happen? How can we share a music and photo library? Thanks a lot.
What you are saying is you want to share contacts, pictures, music. Is that correct?

Do you two share the same credit/debit card? I ask because if you do then consider using the same iTunes account. Now there is the then move your iTunes Library to an external. Then both iTunes link to that external iTunes Library (if you use the same iTunes account). Also move your iPhoto Library to an external Moving iPhoto Library to an External Drive.
[h=1][/h]Also with iClould you could create a Common iCloud account.
Actually no. The only things I want her to share with me is my music library and photos from iPhoto. Her contacts, email, calendar will all be her own. I am starting to think though that it would be much easier to eliminate her iMac user profile and we can share contact lists and calendars. Your thoughts?
Then get a NAS that both of you can put a common music & photos onto using the links I posted earlier. Now also bookmark the web site Configuring OS X Mountain Lion Time Machine to Work With CIFS (SMB) Share. Then be able to mount a NAS RAID 5 or better (to have redundancy) and put a common iTunes Library & iPhoto Library onto and use the same joint iTunes Account (using the same common credit/debit card) to be able to jointing & using iTune's Playlist have access to all the music both of you bought. The best of both world, sharing those two Libraries and having a viable backup to that data using the RAID 5 (or better) backup. Maybe something like a Drobo or a Snology world be a good investment for your investment.
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