My 1gig G4 Quicksilver Died During Software Update


I posted this over at the Hardware forum, but there wasn't
much of a response.

I just ran a software update & the machine had a kernel panic (screen of death). I pushed the power button to shut down, waited a couple minutes then pushed the power button to re-start, but the power light wouldn't stay on (unless I kept my finger on it). The fan from the power supply was running and I opened the case and could see a red light on the mother board glowing so I guess it was getting something. Nothing else was working, no HD, no video. I got the machine to turn off by holding the power button down. Then unplugged everything, pulled the battery and let the machine sit for 2 hours. Next a new battery went in, pushed the pmu and closed the case. Then I plugged everything back in and tried to start up, but got the same no-boot-up result.

Machine specs:
Dual 1 Gig Quicksilver
1.5 MB memory
200GB hard drive
ATI Radeon 9000 video card
CD/DVD Superdrive
OS 10.3.9

Any suggestions?


Les Sandelman


Do you have a fluke/voltage meter you may borrow? If so, I can run you through verifying the power supply. Also after making sure the computer is getting the correct power on all pins we can take it down to the minimal configuration to see if something else is causing the issue. I am betting it's the power supply...


U.S.D.A. Prime
You might also want to try a PMU reset (a little red or black button on the motherboard itself -- press it down once and only once, for about a second, with ALL cables disconnected from the computer).

My friend's dual 1GHz MDD died in a similar way, and this procedure got him back up and running.


I couldn't get a voltage meter, but I did get a new power supply to try.
That did not cure the problem.

The PMU reset did not cure the problem.

Thanks for both replys.
This just might be the end for this machine.