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Whan did you take the tour? Coming from Upstate I say the best place to bike in the summer is up around the Finger Lakes.


devil's plaything
Just this past week. Though it wasn't actually a tour, per se. Just a couple of my biweekly runs to town (which is why there's a weed whacker strapped to the back of The Ghost Shifter. :eek: )

Funny you should mention the Finger Lakes, I've been thinking about taking an extended tour this Summer to Niagara, along the Eerie Canal trail. That would take me through there. :)


Oh that's really great!
Everything is so green there!
Just the rest fopr my eyes...
So how long has it taken you to occur this tour?

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devil's plaything
Thanks Contreras.

Actually those pictures are from my daily commute upstate, I do it all in one day, just about every day (weather permitting) during the cycling season.

For more recent, artistic pics, follow my Instagram feed at Instagrid.