my mac goes back in time


This is really strange, whenever i restart my mobile computer it seems my computer goes back in time a little bit, just an example, the 2nd to last time i restarted my computer by dock changed to its standard size when you first get your computer and it had no enlarging, the last time i restarted my computer my dock was completely reset back to it original state when your first get your computer.
I keep getting some random key chain pop ups while im using safari that says "key chain cannot be found to store "safari"" or something like that, that i dont know how to fix, the scores on my astroids game keep getting reset and my iCal resets to having nothing in it and all my albums in iPhoto have disapeared, im sure theres an endless list of things that have gone wrong in the last comple of days

What can i do?


You should mention what os version you are using.
However, setup a new user account and customize everything. See if things turn back to default again.

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recently istripped my dock to to just the icon i actually use, and at one point, i looked down, and all the old icons were back again, after a reboot. wierd.... 10.4.1


Thanks for your help but i still didnt manage to sort but it doesnt matter too much.

Can anyone help me sort out my key chain problem?

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This is happening to me also.

I've found a lot of weird and bad things happening to osx (10.2.8) since installing the new itunes a week and a half ago.

One ridiculous post itunes problem which I'm in the midst of fixing is that when I delete an 20meg application instead of the 20megs being freed on the HD, another 40-60meg is added on! I know this particular prob may have nothing to do with itunes but my mac has run beautifully for over a year before the upgrade.

Also since this morning Cocktail won't boot.


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How full is your hard drive? Also, do you have any MacAlly drivers, perhaps iShock drivers, installed?