My Mac has lost its mind, help?



I'm using a Mac OS X version 10.4.11, with dual 2 GHz PowerPC GS processor. All of a sudden my computer started acting VERY odd and I can't get it back to normal. Whenever I try to type, half the keys don't respond and the other half type gibberish (and not even consistent gibberish). Sometimes it continues typing after I've stopped. A lot of actions seem to be reversed ('home' takes me to the end, 'end' takes me home). It ctrl-clicks instead of regular clicking half the time, it acts very strange when I try to save things (it tries to save them as 'copies'), and various other bizzare things... nothing seems to work right anymore. It's also not connected to the internet and was working just fine up until about an hour ago. I've tried rebooting it and unplugging it but it's stuck...

Any help would extremely appreciated!



Check for stuck keys on your keyboard.
If it's not immediately obvious, open System Prefs/International pane. Go to the Input Menu tab. Check the box - Keyboard Viewer, then click on Keyboard Viewer from the flag menu in your menubar. You can then see on the screen when each key is pressed (and released). You can also see if any keys are sticking, or delayed in response.


Thanks, that's a huge help - you're right, some keys are sticking. I think I have it under control now.

Thanks so much!