My screen shots

Looks like Apple got him too? or is his website down??

Never mind... before I posted above.. it wasn't working.. now it is working.. :-D

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well, i'm glad to see that the Dock is repositionable, but still wish there were 'tabs' of some sort for organization.

ah, well. can't win 'em all. :D

Where did you notice the Dock was repositionable ?

In the 4K60 screenshot it is in the center, at the bottom... As usual.
In the Neptune_OSX_4K17 directory at the above link. Maybe their faked or maybe he modified the Dock to put it where he wanted them... I dunno.
The Dock was given the ability to be repositioned in 4K17, but later revoked (I believe in 4K3x). It can be moved by typing the following in the Terminal:

defaults write orientation (place)

Where (place) is, you can choose from either Left or Right. I am not sure whether Top will work, but Bottom obviously does.

The 4K60 shot is not mine. I found it somewhere on Carracho.

In my opinion, 4K17 is very buggy. But, it is not a public release, so I do not mind.