My wife and I are separating.


I created a brand new Apple ID for her and want to wean her off mine. ::ha:: I started talking about this in the iPad forum here a few months ago. I decided to resume here because the way Notes are handled now in Mountain Lion, the issue is more general.

Here on my ML desktop, I created a new iCloud with her new ID. Mail works. In the Notes app, it shows both accounts. The old one has all her notes, the new one is empty. I determined experimentally that I can drag and drop one note, presumably all, from one account to another. So I have two tasks.

  1. iPad: For the moment, forget about apps and other junk. I want to make sure her Mail & Notes use the new ID.
  2. SL iMac: I can't persuade her to upgrade to ML. Here it's just Mail, since Notes appear in a folder.
I think I know how to change things in both cases. I guess I'm looking for reassurance. Does anyone know of any weird gotchas? How about some sage advice?

I want to be very careful because, about a year ago, I managed to lose about 100 of her notes, and I really don't want to suffer again the sort of wrath that resulted from that.


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Have her make an Email alias in iCloud without the .me ending. Just have her sign in and go to web Mail interface. Then while in the web Mail (in the top right corner) is a gear and have her go to Preferences. Then just click the Accounts and add an email alias. This will help mask she is using iCloud.

Plus teach her NEVER to post her full email address on the internet.

Also in her web iCloud interface and make sure everything is being uploaded. Plus check out System Preferences->Mail, Contacts & Calendars pane make sure you checkmark the boxes for the things you want to sync to iCloud (in her account of course).
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