Mysql 5.0.11 And Mysql Administrator


Hi. I am completely new to macos so please forgive me if the questions I ask here are totally basic! :-|
I have just installed mysql 5.0.11 and I connect to it using mysql from the command line. All seems to be well here. I have changed the superuser account from root to admin and have setup a password and I can still logout out of mysql and log back in using the new details.
I also downloaded mysql administrator and installed it which proceeded without incident. When I ran it to connect to mysql it crashed. I used the port number 3306 (which is the default?).
Has anyone here had the same problems or knows what I may be doing incorrectly? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I use both MySQL Administrator and the Query piece of software from, and found both to be buggy, unstable applications.

I highly recommend phpMyAdmin... it's a web-based interface to mySQL, but has all the bells and whistles of privileges, database/table management, etc. It takes about 20 minutes to set up (unless you're REALLY good at configuring text-based config files) and it slicker than snot to use.