Nano as thumbdrive...


Just one little question regarding using your iPod as a usb Disk. In days of old you had to pick either mac or dos compatibility; you could not use your ipod to move files form a Mac to a PC for instance. Now I was told that this has changed for newer iPods, is that correct? If so how, are they all just formatted as Fat32 or some such thing?

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Well, I think it would just work like a simple flash drive.

You might see some hidden Mac OS X files on the Windows side, but there should be no real problems.


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The nanos apparently all come formatted as FAT32, and supposedly work just fine cross-platform. I don't know what other iPods come formatted as, but I would suspect that they come as FAT32 as well.

You can reformat the nano (or any other iPod besides the shuffle) to HFS+ format using the iPod Software Updater, in which case you'll lose Windows compatibility without some MacDrive software or the like to help with the HFS+ formatting.